Adi’s Resort, Hotel and Restaurant History

Adi’s Resort, Hotel and Restaurant started as a resort with small Nipa huts and collages last 2005. As time goes by, because of the perseverance and continuous effort of the owner Mr. Dante Lamando it grows bigger every year. Luckily, last 2013 we started to build 6 hotel rooms as an introduction to the public. Then finally, last March 2018, we launched a Hotel and Resort as one. We bought the hotel beside Adi’s Resort called “Villa sa Aplaya” and renamed it as the above mentioned. Then after we launched a find dining restaurant last June 2018, the concept was about bringing Manila experience with a twist of organic and Marinduque culture as well to our menu. In line with their goal to give more opportunities and livelihood to all Maniduqueños since the owner was born here.

Just a quick trivia, ADIS – stands for Amazing Discovery Island Resort. Since it is a blessing and a discovery to the owner. And still continue to give opportunities and adding value to the lives of all people living in Madinduque up to now.

Summer is just around the corner. Where are you planning to go this year? I am recommending that you explore the sandy beaches in Ihatub Marinduque. Soak up the sun, unwind and relax. For just a day or two, enjoy this get away far from realities driven by technology and work . While you are in the area, book in our resort where you will find amenities with swimming pool, spa, sauna , private beach area, and even wifi so you can record this experience real time in your social media accounts