About Us


Adis Resort, Hotel and Restaurant let you experience a private world of comfort for a perfect vacation that begins the moment you arrive.  It’s a place where a warm welcome awaits and being expressed in sparkling smiles and open hearts.

They assure you that your hotel experience will reflect their services as Organized.  Lists of their products and services are Detailed.  They are Efficient in a way that they are ready to serve you.  Their team is Precise when it comes to work ethics.  They are Methodical in performing their tasks and duties.  You will find that these traits assure you an unprecedented window of clarity and a profound commitment to diligence.

SPLASH in the cool and calm water of sea or lull yourself to sleep on the fine and warm sand of our beaches.  As the day’s end, watch the breathtaking sunset over the serene sea from our veranda.

All these, while you sip your favorite drink or while you enjoy your food of freshly caught bounties from the sea.

Experience the magnificent Marinduquenos way of life as it weaves the enchanting spell on your every visit.

4 Marketing Pillars of ADIS

  1. SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Adis Resort, Hotel and Restaurant track the smallest details.
  2. Before things spin out of control they make sure that they never fail to pay attention to little details.

2. CREATE URGENCY. A strong sense of urgency to act reflects on their products and services. They know what kind of services to offer, they know what the customers needs and wants.

3. DEFINE CONSEQUENCES AND DEADLINES. They believe in a formula saying “If you don’t do this, then what will happen.  They take action to avoid consequences.

4. USE RATIONAL FACTS. Their knowledge about their work are based on rational facts.